Please find the below activities which will be done in HANA system as part of HANA Administration Tasks

This document lists HANA system administration tasks. HANA administration tasks are not limited to following activities. Activity scope varies with organization’s ITIL requirements.

    • Monitor overall system/services status.
    • Monitor system alerts and resolve.
    • Monitor resource utilization.
    • Cleanup of  old DIAGNOSIS/Log FILES.
    • Archive or cleanup of backup files system.
    • Security and Authorization
      • Create a User.
      • Create a Role and Privileges.
      • Assign Roles and Privileges
      • Delete a User.
      • Deactivate/Activate Users
      • User password reset
      • Defining password policy.
    • Logging and Tracing
      • Activate and analyze database/JDBC logging and tracing.
      • Performance/Kernel tracing (Only for SAP developers)
      • SQL tracing.
      • Activate and analyze expensive SQL trace.
      • Define Audit policy.
    • Backup and Recovery
      • Execute manual on-demand backup.
      • Schedule automatic regular backup.
      • Perform on-demand DB recovery.
    • Distributed landscape maintenance.
      • Adding or removing additional hosts.
      • Host failover.
      • Table partitioning.
      • Table redistribution.
    • Alert Configuration.
      • Configure alert threshold.
      • Configure email notification.
    • License Administration.
      • Checking current license.
      • Request and install license.
    • HANA system upgrade/update.
      • Apply HANA support packs/revisions.
      • Update HANA content/libraries.
    • Data provisioning and configuration.
      • Install and configure SLT server and connections.
      • Install and configure ECC add-on for SLT server.
      • Manual data upload from flat files.
    • Change transport.
      • Migrate HANA Delivery Unit (Export-Import).
      • Migrate HANA packages.
      • Migrate HANA Development artifacts(Attribute view , Calculation view etc).
    • Routine Operation tasks
      • Start/stop system.
      • Restart database services.
      • Parameter configuration.
      • Manual Delta merge
      • Avoid Log full situation.

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