Requirement: You need to reset SYSTEM user password and do not have any other user with system privilege USER ADMIN role assigned.
Prerequisites : You need password of <SID>ADM user.
Steps :
  • Login to your HANA host using <SID>adm user. If you do not have password of <SID>adm user then you can use root like user to reset <SID>adm password at OS level.
  • Stop the HANA database by using command “HDB stop”.
  • Now we will start Name server and Compiler server in batch mode.
  • Execute command hdbnameserver &  and press enter to get the shell prompt again.
  • Execute command hdbcompileserver &  and press enter to get the shell prompt again.


  • Now we will start index server in console mode so that we can issue the password reset SQL,execute command : hdbindexserver –console
  • When you see Service started message then press enter and execute following SQL.

ALTER  USER SYSTEM PASSWORD Ina123  //Ina123 is password in our case, you can choose your own.

Reset SYSTEM user password SQL
  • Now your password is reset , press CTRL-C to stop the indexserver console mode and kill the hdbnameserver and hdbcomplie server process.
  • To kill the name server and complie server , Check their OS level process by executing  “ps -eaf| grep <sid>adm” and execute the kill command.
Kill name server and compile server
  • Now start HANA by executing “HDB start” and try to connect using HANA studio or hdbsql with new SYSTEM user password.

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