Reachout my blog to see how we are going to implement and installation of Leonardo. I am currently working on how to perform the installation of Leonardo on HANA or S/4 HANA database. Will keep posted here.

Out future journey focuses on SAP Leonardo Internet of Things (IoT), comprising the technical core elements of:
SAP Leonardo Foundation
SAP Leonardo for Edge Computing
SAP Cloud Platform / SAP HANA Platform
SAP Leonardo Foundation

Leonardo Provides capabilities of data ingestion of raw sensor (thing) data, big data abilities to manipulate huge valume of data and data integration with enterprise software systems (action) to provide the ability to create end-to-end IoT solutions for businesses to leverage and drive the right outcome.

The SAP Leonardo Foundation is available for cloud and on premise deployment types, based on either SAP Cloud Platform or SAP HANA Platform, and includes the following:

Cloud-based on SAP Cloud Platform                        On premise-based on SAP HANA platform
SAP Cloud Platform Streaming Analytics                            SAP HANA remote data sync
SAP Cloud Platform Remote Data Sync                               SAP IoT SIM Management
SAP Cloud Platform Integration                                           SAP HANA dynamic tiering
SAP Cloud Platform Internet of things                               SAP HANA Vora
SAP IoT Application Enablement


12 thoughts on “SAP Leonardo Installation Document”

  1. hey,

    I have been searching a lot in internet to get some details on how to install SAP Leonardo Foundation. I couldn’t find any helpful document. I am will be happy if you can share some info.

    1. Sure Stephen, Will share the information very soon.

      Currently I am working on SAP Leonardo, you will see some updates by Mid of January 2018

      1. Hi Praven,

        I am also waiting for the information on SAP leonardo Installation.

        Could you please help me on this..


        1. Sure Sastry, I am still working on it.. it will take some more time…

          Where are you working now a days… keep in touch

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