Here i am explaining how we can perform the SAP OS DB Migration. Here we are briefing the complete steps as part of the SAP OS DB Migration

SAP OS DB Migration – Source System Steps – Export

  • Export of source system Start with a procedure document to record process.
  • Run pre-checks and setup steps per migration guide
  • Any upgrade post processing must be complete (ex. ICNV)
  • SAP data dictionary and database data dictionary must be consistent
  • Database statistics must be up to date Remove failed updates
  • Delete TEMPSE inconsistencies
  • Suspend batch jobs (BTCTRNS1)
  • Run selective business reports (finance, inventory, etc)
  • If SID changes, all transports must be released!
  • Run migration utility to export source database
  • Review export performance – re-run if necessary

SAP OS-DB Migration – Target System Steps – Import

  • Import of target system Use SAP Migration Utility (similar to an installation)
  • Install the database software
  • Install the SAP instance
  • Import data from source system
  • Review import performance – re-run if necessary

SAP OS DB Migration – Post Migration Steps

  • Check for missing objects
  • Tune System Modify SAP profile parameters
  • Modify Database parameters
  • Adapt application specific parameter from source system
  • System level checks (sick)
  • Follow post processing steps per migration guide
  • Check Batch jobs with target systems
  • Printers Integration points
  • Apply new license

How you can make the migration faster?

Export and import can take a very long time – tune and re-run those steps until timing is satisfactory.

Database statistics are important to both the import and export processes. Statistics from previous migrations can be exported and imported to save time.

Migration tools provide a means of optimizing the export and import process

  •  Package splitting
  •  Table splitting
  •  Migration Monitor
  •  Distribution Monitor.

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