CR content and CIM model Update on SLD

    Check your CR & CIM Version
    http://<sld host>:<port>/sld
    administration ——> Details ——> Data
    Download the new version from SAP Service Marketplace
    Support Package & Patches ——> By Alphabetical Index (A-Z) ——> C ——> SAP CR Content
    Select the version that you want & download it.
    To Upgrade the CR & CIM,
    Go to SLD ——> http://<sld host>:<port>/sld
    Administration ——> Import ——>
    Choose the Zip file that you have downloaded & Click on ‘Import’ option.
    Click ‘Import anyway’ option for the Content upgrade, if the version is mismatching cancel the            update using ‘Cancel Upgrade’
    Import Ongoing,
    Import Successfully Completed,
    After the above message check the content version in SLD,
    administration ——> Details ——> Data

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