HANA Log Volume full & HANA DB, SAP system is not responding the follow the below steps to resolve the issue.
If we manually remove some file from the directory, data loss will happen & Hana system won’t cam up after that. Recovery is the only option if we remove the file manually.
Issue – /hana/log – 100%
Solution –
* Stop HANA DB
   HDB Stop
* Go to /hana/log/SID/mnt0001
   default location – /usr/sap/SID/global/hdb/log/mnt0001
 * Move one volume temporarily that having more than 2 GB to another location where         enough space is available.
   To start Hana DB at least 2 GB space is required,
   Check the folder size using – du -ksh *
 * Move a volume which consumes 2 GB of space
    eg – hdb0002
    mv hdb0002 /usr/sap/SID/global/hdb/data
    mv hdb0002 /hana/backup/SID (if you are using separate volume for log)
 * Create symbolic link to the new folder in the old location
    In -s hdb0002 /usr/sap/SID/global/hdb/data/hdb0002 /usr/sap/SID/global/hdb/log/mnt0001 /hdb0002
  * Start the HANA Database
     HDB start
 * Wait until log backup are performed
 * Use the following SQL command to clean up the log volume
 * Stop the HANA database & Remove the symbolic link
    rm -f /usr/sap/SID/global/hdb/log/mnt0001 /hdb0002
 * Move  the log volume back to the original location
    mv hdb0002 /usr/sap/SID/global/hdb/log/mnt0001
 * Start the HANA Database again
    Now the Volume size will be fine.
Reference – SAP note 1679938

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