SAP BASIS System Monitoring

The following information gives a brief idea about the daily monitoring tasks which are handled by the teams. This document would give a generalized idea about the monitoring transactions and the brief description of the check.

The Transactions may vary among different clients, and has to adapted as per their requirements. The transaction which are given below are based on the ECC Systems.

A Daily, Weekly, Monthly and a Quick checklist is included in this document to assist in performing the system administration activities.

The specific areas covered in this document are described below.

SAP Administration.

  • Spool management
  • System logs
  • Batch management
  • User administration
  • Lock entries
  • Work process monitoring
  • System alert monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Update monitoring
  • SAP Buffer Quality

SAP R/3 Database administration.

–     Storage

  • DB alerts
  • Tablespace
  • Reorganizations
  • Redo logs
  • Archive logs
  • Critical objects
  • Indexes

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