Difference between SAP Remote Client copy and Client Export / Import

I would like to explain the differences between Remote client copy and client export and import.

Remote Client copy :-
This is one step process 
RFC connection is required.
Client Copy can be used with multiple parallel processes
Remote Client Copy is better if you have small data to be copied.
Remote Client Copy might be little bit slower than the export due to its network constraints.
Need to check Network, Database ( generation of archive logs, table space usage ) through out the Client Copy.

Export-Import :-
This is 3 step process ( export- import-post processing).
RFC connection is not required between systems.
Multiple parallel processes can not be used.
Export-import is generally used for copying larger amount of data.
Export-import is relatively faster than the remote Client Copy.
Need to check DB constraints at the import process.

Depends the database size we can suggest to client which process is the best one. If we have larger data then we can propose to client with the Client/import method.

If we propose Remote client copy there are chances of failing the client copy due to network latency and failures.

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