We have provided sample checklists that you may use and modify depending upon your specific needs. The checklists provided for your convenience include:

  1. Critical tasks
  2. R/3 System
  3. Database
  4. Operating system
  5. Other
  6. Notes
Administration Task                             Procedure
1. Check that the R/3 System is up and running


Log on to the R/3 system, if you login successfully, this means SAP R/3 system is up. Check this for all the SAP Systems Development DEV, Quality QAS and Production PRD.
2.Check for Daily Backups


1. Enter DB12, and check for the backup and backup runtime and detailed logs.

2. Check for the status of the archive directory.

3. Check all the application servers are up. 1. Enter transaction code SM51 – it should show entries for Central instance and instances running on different application servers.

2. Enter SM50 for process overview, all work processes with a “running” or a “waiting” status.

-Cancel the process which is running since  long time or       consuming high resources

4 Check for ABAP Dumps


Enter ST22, choose today or previous day or select from the selection window

  • – Check for an excessive number of dumps.
  • – Look for dumps of an unusual nature.
5. Failed Update Records


Enter SM13, check for the entries for ‘Err’

  • – Set date to o
  • ne Month ago
  • – Enter * in the user ID
  • – Set to “all” updates.
6. Check System Log


Enter SM21 Set date and time to from when you want to check the system log. Suppose you want to see logs from date 15/11/2002 and time 08:00 then enter date and time and press ‘execute’. Check for

  • ·         Errors.
  • ·         Warnings.
  • ·         Security messages.
  • ·         Abends.
  • ·         Database problems.
  • ·         Any other event.
7.Review for cancelled and critical jobs


Enter SM37 select background jobs.

  • – Enter * in User ID and enter the desired date.
  • – Verify that all critical jobs are successful.
  • – Check for job cancelled.
8. Check for ‘old’ locks.


Enter SM12

  • – Enter * for User ID and enter the desired date.
  • – Check for entries for prior day.
9. Check for Users logged on the System


Enter SM04 for same client or AL08 for all clients
10. Check for Spool Requests.


Enter ‘SP01’

– Look for spool jobs that have been “in Process” for over an hour etc.

– Spool jobs having cancelled status.

11. Check for Batch Job Logs.


Enter ‘SM35’, check for

  • – Jobs to be processed
  • – Jobs in error
12. Review for Alerts


  • 1.Enter ‘AL02’ for database alerts
  • 2.Enter ‘AL16’ for OS level Alerts
  •  3. Enter ‘OSO6S’ for Operating System Monitoring and Logs.
13. Review Workload analysis.


Enter ST03, Then analysis of the <SID>
14. Review Buffer statistics


Enter ‘ST02’ – Tune summary, Check for Swap Space.
15.  Review Database Performance analysis Enter ‘ST06’ and check the parameters.


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