Dispatcher does not start due to a port conflict


  • No work processes (disp+work.exe) exist in Task Manager.
  • Dispatcher shows status “stopped” in the SAP MMC.
  • Errors found in “dev_disp”:
    ***LOG Q0I=> NiPBind: bind (10048: WSAEADDRINUSE: Address already in use) [ninti.c 1488]
    *** ERROR => NiIBind: service sapdp00 in use [nixxi.c 3936]
    *** ERROR => NiIDgBind: NiBind (rc=-4) [nixxi.c 3505]
    *** ERROR => DpCommInit: NiDgBind [dpxxdisp.c 7326]
    *** DP_FATAL_ERROR => DpSapEnvInit: DpCommInit

Problem Analysis
I highlighted the keywords in the error messages above:

  • Address already in use
  • Service sapdp00 in use
    The TCP port number assigned in the “services” file is being occupied by another application. Due to the conflict, the dispatcher shuts down.

If your server has a firewall client, disable it and attempt to start the SAP instance again.
If the instance starts successfully you can enable the client firewall back again.
If there is no firewall client at all, or if disabling it did not resolve the problem, edit the “services” file and check what port the appropriate “sapdp” is using.
If the instance number is 00, look for sapdp00. If the instance number is 01 look for sapdp01 and so on. You can use the following OS command to help you resolve port conflicts:
netstat -p TCP

How to find port number of message server

Message server port is 36<Instance no>.

Check in the services file in the OS.
Unix: services file (/etc).

You can find an entry like this.

sapmsABC 3601/tcp # SAP System Messaging Service Port

Run tcode SMMS on systems your are connecting your SLD to. Once you are there open Goto=>Parameters=>Display. Look for “server port” value.

Go to the index page of the url,
type http://hostname:http port in Internet browser.
for ex : if installation is done on system with IP
and your http port is 50000(depends on Central instance number,JCxx)
then type
1.then go to system information tab in index page.
for the credentials asked,type,
password:master password given during installation.

then system information page opens,in the left corner top,you can find message server port.

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