Naming and Description

The Central Job Scheduling application by Redwood is an adaptive, scalable application that provides the real-time, event-driven job scheduling and process automation you need to manage background processing across multiple systems and applications. Through a central point of control, it enables organizations to orchestrate automation of the IT workload generated by modern business practices and to manage efficiently the compound applications this orchestration demands. With its comprehensive automation rules, SAP Central Job Scheduling by Redwood manages both routine and predictable workload as well as the ad hoc tasks that can be generated at any time by applications such as e-commerce, business-to-business transfers, and do-it-yourself end-user interfaces. The job scheduling application treats both planned and unplanned workloads as “events” and builds relationships between these events to create dependencies where appropriate. By detecting and responding to business events, SAP Central Job Scheduling by Redwood enables you to take a dynamic approach to workload process automation. And because it responds immediately to events, it gives you the business agility, throughput, and efficiency you need to optimize the use of available time and resources. Processing that is balanced across all available time instead of being restricted by artificial date and time boundaries lets you avoid bottlenecks, keep user responses within agreed-upon service levels, and maximize the use of computing resources. As a result, it increases your ROI and allows you to defer the need to acquire additional hardware.

Redwood Functionality in Detail

  • Event-driven scheduling
  • Dynamic calendaring
  • Adaptive calendars
  • Enhanced time-zone support
  • Logical queue management
  • Contextual processing
  • Execution control optimization
  • Job-chain management
  • Alert notification
  • Automatic error recovery
  • Dynamic workload monitoring
  • Java process management
  • Dynamic workload balancing
  • Automatic workload failover (for high availability)
  • Security management
  • Audit control
  • Adaptive computing support
  • Integration with systems management tools
  • Legacy process management
  • Operating system job management
  • Graphical job forecast management
  • Intelligent job definition
  • Enablement of service-oriented architecture and enterprise services architecture

Other Features of the Redwood Application:

  • Integrated with the SAP Solution Manager tool
  • Includes intelligent application connectors
  • Certified by and integrated component of the SAP NetWeaver® platform
  • Used in industry solutions
  • Provides intuitive graphical user interface via Redwood Explorer

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