Sap Fiori is a modern User Experience Product which is owned buy SAP which is used to build sap applications. These Sap Fiori is a package with collection of standard business application for common business activities.

We all know that SAP is known for inventing new names and terms. We direct you through the maze of terms. SAP Fiori is the new client experience(User Experience) for SAP programming. It applies modern design plan standards for a totally reinvented client experience.

In general Fiori UX represents to a customized, responsive and straightforward client experience across all the devices and deployment options.

There are more than 400 role-based SAP Fiori apps for various business units, for example, HR, finance, manufacturing, assembling, acquisition and sales.

Some of the standard sap fiori apps are apply leave, fill time sheet, create sales order, change sales order, tracking sales order, tracking purchase order, approve/reject purchase order, approve/reject sales order and more.

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Fiori Sap apps are internally developed by using sapui5 and OData services. First of all these fiori  apps are stateless applications due to this almost all the functionalities except database operations are executed at client side browser.

Apps performance is good as compare to ABAP screens. You can access any fiori apps from your desktops/Laptops/Tablets and Mobiles.

Fiori SAP is have browser based screens and they have more than 150 screen elements. Fiori apps is Light Weight Screens that is consumes the less memory during execution.

We can able to access sap fiori apps through internet and intranet. As a result its performance also good due to it supports CSS (cascading style sheets).

What is SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori is accumulation of applications with basic and simple involvement for comprehensively utilized SAP programming capacities that work consistently crosswise over gadgets – desktop, tablet, or cell phone.

The primary arrival of SAP Fiori incorporates 25 applications for the most widely recognized business capacities, for example, work process endorsements, data queries, and self-benefit undertakings.

SAP clients can begin with SAP Fiori quickly and convey moment incentive to every one of their representatives.The primary adaptation of SAP Fiori (accessible in May 2013) incorporates the accompanying applications.

Examples of APP :

Manager Apps – Approve Leave Request,Approve Time sheets

Employee Apps – My Leave Request,My Time sheet

With this you can Customize and make easy  the client experience (UX) for your SAP applications. Utilizing present day UX plan standards, SAP Fiori conveys a part based, shopper review client encounter over all lines of business, assignments, and gadgets.

Utilize SAP Fiori applications, or exploit new arrangements that locally consolidate the UX – for example SAP S/4 HANA, Ariba Portable, and SAP Hybrid Cloud for Client.

Fiori is a package with collection of standard business applications for common business activities. Sap Fiori apps supports multiple languages for accessing apps(Internationalization).

SAP fiori

Fiori apps supports all types of data services (odata ABAP service, Odata HANA Service, Odata External service).

For customizing and enhancing front end fiori apps the recommended tool is “SAP WEB IDE”. Both sap fiori standard and SapUI5 custom apps integrated in “SAP FIORI LAUNCHPAD”.

Fiori apps will access using,

  • Browser Via Launchpad (Mobiles/Tablet/Desktop/Laptop)
  • MobileClient via Lauchpad (Mobiles)

Fiori apps we can import fiori app from ECC ABAP UI5 Repository (server) to SAP WEB IDE TOOL. And Fiori apps are developed using sap.m Library for screen designing.

SAP Fiori Apps:

Basically Sap Fiori apps categorized three types and they are as follows,

    • Transactional
    • Fact Sheet
    • Analytical

SAP Fiori Apps

Transactional apps:

SAP Fiori Transactional Apps

Transactional Apps

Sap Fiori transnational apps contain a bunch of transactional apps for SAP ERP that executes on SAP FIORI LAUNCHPAD.

Transactional apps mainly deal with transactional requests like Apply Leave, Fill Time sheet, Purchase order, Sales order etc.

Transactional Apps executes on SAP HANA Database. Sap Fiori first comes with 25 transactional apps. These apps gives access to each user to run SAP transactions on desktops as well as mobiles and laptops or tablets.

Examples Of Transactional apps are : Fill time sheet, Create Sales order, Purchase order, Tracking Sales order, Approve/Reject Purchase order etc.


SAP Fiori Factsheets apps

Factsheets apps

Fact Sheet gives you a quick view and immediate information of master data, transaction data and statistical data taken from SAP CRM, SAP ECC and SAP Net Weaver.

With the help of fact Sheets you can deal with customers on phone with proper sales order meetings. From fiori Launchpad you can derive fact sheets.

Fact sheets are also used to show the key information of master data. Fact Sheets executes on SAP HANA database along with an ABAP Respository.

In general Fact Sheets allows us to explore from one fact sheet to another like Analytical Apps by using one app to another app navigation in FIORI LAUNCHPAD.

Analytical Apps:

SAP Fiori Transactional Apps

Transactional Apps

Sap Smart Business is another name for analytical apps of fiori. Analytical apps run on SAP HANA database and VDM (virtual data models). At Real time Business Operations this type of apps are mainly useful.

SAP Smart Business is one of the unique name for Analytical Apps. With the help of Analytical apps you can nearly observe the key Performance Indicators KPIs. The SAP FIORI Analytical Apps are excepted to  build a SAP Smart Business Cockpit

Advantages of Sap Fiori apps:

SAP Fiori benefits

  • You can able to access Fiori Apps from anywhere and also from any device like from example Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile.
  • Except Database operations all functionalities executed at client side only, due to this Fiori apps are stateless.
  • Performance wise fiori apps perform fast compare to ABAP Apps due to server didn’t overload during Execution.
  • Under browser based apps fiori apps will come.
  • In general Fiori apps supports almost more than 150 screen elements for screen designing like Table, Text, Radio button, Road map, Panel, Autocomplete, Combo Box, and Shell etc.
  • Screens of fiaori apps are light weight .
  • Fiori supports 3 types of OData services for data base interaction such as OData External, OData Hana and Odata Abap Services.

 SAP Fiori architecture:

  • Fiori apps developed with sap ui5 screen elements
  • These apps supports in all formats like Tablet/Mobile/Laptops/Desktops.
  • This Fiori applications interact with database with the help of Net weaver gateway.
  • MVC is implemented in building Fiori Apps.
  • The Meaning for MVC architecture is Model, View, Controller in model deals with data base operations.
  • View represents the screen element like table, text, radio button, combo box, shell etc.
  • Controller acts as a mediator between model and view for sending and receiving data by consuming odata service.
  • Controller contains implementations under Event Handlers and also it contains front end validations.
  • We can achieve re-usability using MVC architecture.

Check more information about fiori architecture here.

SAp fiori Architecture

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