BW 7.4 and 7.5 version upgrade BW related high-level Pre steps

 STC01 pre-steps:

There are some BW pre-steps that need to be done before downtime (upgrade) Goto Tcode: STC01 Select Task list: SAP_BW_BEFORE_UPGRADE and execute

You will get a list of steps which need to be done.

There is document also along with each step. Please analyze those steps and perform. From the same screen, steps can be executed directly.

 Pre steps of ASU toolbox for SAP BW:

  • Go to Tcode  : /n/ASU/UPGRADE
  • Perform all the pre steps mentioned by this transaction, Most of the steps should be covered by STC01 transaction executed previously, Please cross check once again.Stop all daemon process
  • Activate all Data Store objects – valid for all SAP BW Releases 3.x and 7.0x
  • Repair Inconsistent Info Packages – transaction RSBATCH
  • Execute upgrade checks – SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES / RSUPGRCHECK
  • Execute report SAP_DROP_TMPTABLES  >> It will remove temporary database objects.
  • Execute report RSUPGRCHECK  >> It will check DDIC inconsistency.
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  1. Hi,

    I am planning to upgrade BW 7.4 SP14 on HANA 1.0 to BW 7.5 SP on HANA 2.0. Please send me the step by step procedure or ppt

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