Activating the Emergency User in SAP Java only system
Why SAP* user activation required

Sometime we end up in a situation when none of the user are able to log in into SAP or even Administrator user is locked or not working. In this scenario you have to activate the emergency user SAP* .

Please note : This method is only for Java Only system , for dual stack systems you can activate  SAP* or lock unlock user via SU01. (Will provide a link shortly to unlock SAP* in ABAP stack).

Once SAP* is activated all other users will be deactivated until SAP* is disabled again.

How to activate SAP*

1.Launch Configtool – Go to to /usr/sap/<SID>/JC*/j2ee/configtool/ and execute (On UNIX like environment , please setup DISPLAY as per X11 /Reflection application).2.Go to  Global Server Config > Services > node.3. Change the following UME parameters.

Configtool Properties for activating emergency user

4.Select the property and enter the Value as shown in step 3 and save it by pressing “Set” button. 


5.SAP* will get activated after Java restart.

6.Now you can log in with SAP* and unlock Administrator or any other desired user.

7.After step 6 deactivate SAP*

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