2583346 – SAP GUI crash with SAP Screen Personas


In certain situation using SAP Screen Personas with SAP GUI for Windows it can happen that a crash happens. The callstack in the exception trace looks then similar to the following:

7722d918 521587c7 sapfront!PersonasManager::resetLocalProxyControls+0x367
7722d91c 520e59e1 sapfront!CSession::resetPersonasLocalCtlArray+0x21
7722d920 520c3b99 sapfront!CMyCtrlArray::ResetControlsByPersonas+0x169
7722d924 520e4a68 sapfront!CSession::ResetControlsByPersonas+0x28
7722d928 520e4e1d sapfront!CSession::resetPersonasBeforeFlavorApply+0x6d
7722d92c 520d9053 sapfront!CSession::UpdateSession+0x4f3
7722d930 51ff3592 sapfront!CSession::ReadDataStream+0xce2
7722d934 5201908e sapfront!CMainFrame::OnDispRead+0x22e

Other Terms

SAP GUI for Windows; sapgui;

Reason and Prerequisites

Program error


The issue described above will be fixed by an SAP GUI for Windows patch. In section “SP Patch Level” you can find information, which patches contain the respective correction. Please install this patch or a newer one (SAP GUI patches are always cumulative).

If the section “SP Patch Level” is not available or the information about which patch contains the correction is missing, this means that this has not been determined, yet. In this case, please re-check this SAP Note at a later point of time.

Expected delivery dates of SAP GUI for Windows patches

If the patch, which contains the correction from this SAP Note is not yet delivered, you can check SAP Note 1053737 for the expected delivery date.
Additionally you can watch the following page in the SAP Community WIKI to receive a notification whenever an SAP GUI for Windows patch is delivered: https://wiki.scn.sap.com/wiki/display/ATopics/SAP+GUI+for+Windows%3A+Important+News

Downloading SAP GUI patches

All SAP GUI patches are available on SAP Support Portal. Detailed information about the location of the patches can be taken from SAP Note 563161. SAP Note 330793 explains how to download patches from SAP Support Portal.

Installation of SAP GUI for Windows patches

The installation of SAP GUI for Windows patches is documented in the SAP GUI Installation Guide. You can find this guide under http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-25456.
Alternatively SAP Note 535308 also contains information on how to apply SAP GUI for Windows patches.

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