Here i would like to explain you about how to stop and start your SAP system, and what are the pre-checks need to be done before doing stop and start SAP.

At the first instance you need to check below activities

  1. online users and their activity
  2. update the system message, your downtime should be well planned and intimate end users
  3. See what is running in the system(background jobs, updates, locks, active work process etc….

Once the above pre-steps done, proceed with stop and start SAP, execute below commands to do that.

Shutdown System
stopsap all(stop sap system)
Kill remaing processes
ps –ef|grep sidadm ( check if any process is running)
kill -9 PID (kill the process)
Clean Memory
cleanipc <systen no>remove (clean shared memory)
for ex:-
cleanipc 00 remove
cleanipc 01 remove
ipcs|grep sidadm ( to check if shared memory still exists if entries found) clean as below
ipcrm –s pid –m pid –m pid –m pid –s pid (clean the remaining shared memory)
ipcs|grep adm  (should return Blank)
Start SAP
startsap all

To bring down system Manually:

stopsap r3 D00 (D00 Instance no, it can also be D01, D10 etc, we need to check this from cdpro –>ll )

To bring up system Manually:

startsap r3 D00

Stopping & Starting Up the Oracle Database System :

sqlplus “/ as sysdba”
sql>shutdown immediate

Start Database


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