How to disable Import All option from STMS in SAP

 Any changes made in the development server needs to be transported to the Quality server for checking and then finally in Production server.

So Importing the Transport Requests is the critical. Sometimes by mistake if one click on the button Import All in the production environment all the Transport Request which is in released status or already Imported to Production can be directly Imported to the production environment (Which may not be required in the Production). This will create great impact in the production Server.

To avoid such situation, IMPORT ALL Icon should be disabled in STMS.

Procedure to Disable IMPROT_ALL Icon in STMS:-

1) Go to STMS Tcode

2) Go to Menu Option Overview & click on systems

3) Choose SAP SYSTEM (Double click on system, Generally Domain Controller )

4) Go to Transport Tool Tab

5) Click on the Change <-> Display button.

Click on any parameter.
After this press on ADD new row button.
Insert the parameter NO_IMPORT_ALL with value 1.

6) Save it.

Once it is done the Import_ALL icon will be Disabled from STMS.

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