Here i would like to let you know how to Cache Cleanup in SAP Netweaver Gateway

This blog is especially for SAPUI5 front end developers.This details about cleaning up of cache through various methods. Cache cleanup is required when we have made changes in the SAPUI5 code but it fails to reflect when the application is accessed through launchpad.


We all would have faced this issue of code changes not reflecting in Fiori launchpad or taking a very large amount of time to reflect in Fiori launchpad after we have made changes in gateway system.

This is because the old code is cached (like how we have cookies in browser , we have cache in gateway too) and hence our new code fails to reflect in the launchpad.

How do you fix  this?

We upload SAPUI5 applications to SAP Gateway system through se38 transaction.


After upload of  applications,we need to manually clear all possible caches so that a fresh copy of our code is taken when we access the app from launchpad.

There are a set of programs and T-codes that clear cache and these are to executed in SAP netweaver gateway

Programs to Delete Cache

Go to Transaction se38 and execute the following programs

1. /ui2/delete_cache_after_imp

2. /ui2/invalidate_client_caches


T-codes for cache cleanup

Execute the following T-codes

To clear front end cache


To clear Global Cache

goto->HTTP Plugins->Server Caches->Invalidate globally


Clear cookies in browser and hit the app from launchpad.The changes you have made in the app will reflect in the launchpad with immediate effect.

Cache Cleanup in SAP Netweaver Gateway

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