What is SAP HANA Configuration Files Location:

SAP HANA COnfiguration Files contains SAP HANA Database configuration setting.

Type & Location of HANA Configuration Files:

There are 2 types of configuration files- Global Configuration files valid on all hosts or Local valid on specific host.(host Specific)

/usr/sap/<sid>/SYS/global/hdb/custom/config/global.ini –> Contains configuration setting applicable for all services on all hosts.
/usr/sap/<sid>/HDB<inst>/<host>/<service>.ini–> Applicable for a specific service (e.g. nameserver) on a specific host.
/usr/sap/<sid>/HDB<inst>/<host>/global.ini–> Valid for all services on a specific host.
/usr/sap/<sid>/SYS/global/hdb/custom/config/<service>.ini –>Applicable for a specific service (e.g. nameserver) for on all hosts.

How to Change HANA Configuration File:

You can access and edit configuration files from SAP HANA Studio:

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