Custom Code Management during S/4 HANA Conversion

Before starting the Conversion Process, BASIS consultant has to find out if the system can be converted to S4 HANA. There are dependencies which might make the current system incompatible to S4 HANA and stop the conversion. For example, the client might be using some add-on products which are not yet supported in S4 HANA system. Maybe the current system cannot be directly upgraded to S4 HANA, and you might need to upgrade the current system to a minimum support package before you can actually start the conversion. For your information, the system needs to be a Unicode system as a Prerequisite for conversion to S/4 HANA. Once the Basis consultant declares that the system can be converted and give their green signal, the actual process of conversion can be commenced.

The entire task of the Conversion to S/4 HANA can be broadly categorized into three segments.

  • Pre-Conversion Activities
  • System Conversion
  • Post-conversion Activities

1. Pre-Conversion Activities
The basis consultant should create a Sandbox System where we should perform the dry run. The Sandbox should be the copy of Production System where “Realistic” tests can be executed.
Basis consultant needs to apply necessary notes to enable the functional consultants do the consistency check.
Functional consultants do the consistency check and rectify all the errors found.
ABAPers change the custom code and make it compatible to HANA system.

2. System Conversion
Once all the errors are rectified and custom codes are changed, then starts the actual process of the system conversion. Basis consultants start the conversion with the help of SAP Provided tool SUM ( Software Update Manager ) with DMO (Database Migration Operation)
This tool will help the Basis consultant to convert the ECC system to HANA system and migrate the data from the legacy database to Hana Database.

3. Post-Conversion Activities
Once the Conversion is done, functional consultants have to check the impact of the conversion and they might need to perform some additional activities.

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