With my experience, when i tried to create new clients in BW4HANA. I see there is no option to create new clients in SCC4. I had to follow the below process to create new clients.

I can only change the default client, but i cannot create new client.

Process to create new clients in BW4HANA

1. Open HANA Studio.
2. Open SQL Console
3. Execute below command with proper user which has authorization rights. I suggest login to HANA Studio using SAPSID user or SAPABAP1 user.

INSERT into SAPABAP1.T000 (MANDT, MTEXT, LOGSYS) VALUES (‘100’, ‘Sandbox Client’, ‘B4HCLNT100’)
Note: Change the schema name, Logical system name and client number as per your requirement.
4. After you execute above command go to SAP and Execute SE11 t-code
5. Provide “T000” in the table input field and Click on Activate.
6. Once It is activated your can see “New Entries” button in SCC4 t-code.

9 thoughts on “Create New Clients in BW4HANA”

  1. Hi Praveen, Thanks for sharing the details how to create the new clients in BW4HANA. Really appreciate the help you are doing.


  2. Nice Blog, Thanks for sharing the process for Client creation in HANA.

    Please share the other HANA activities documentation aswell

  3. Is there any reason that why we are not allowed to create clients via SCC4 in application level?

  4. Guys, check out the Notes 2354516, 2401921.

    You shouldn’t need to do any operations on table level.

    1. Thanks Alexey..
      OSS Note: 2354516
      You are creating a new client in system with transaction SCC4 in S4HANA systems. If you only have one client in system then you are not allowed to create new client.

      Other Terms
      T000, SCC4, BC-CTS-CCO, S4HANA, Client Creation

      Reason and Prerequisites
      Client field is only the key field in the table T000. Due to restriction in table maintenance,it is not possible to maintain new entry.

      Apply the corrections in the note.

      Please note that this issue can only occure in S4HANA systems.

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