1.Why HANA DATABASE should be backed up?
To avoid the data loss due to disk failures

2. What data could be backed up and restored?
DATABASE backup included backup of Data area and log area. Database backup does not include the configuration file backup.
DATA Area Backup consists of the data structures that are required to restore the database which includes the user data, information models, topology information and secure storage file system.
Log Area is backed up automatically.

Configuration file backup: If require, we can also manually take the backup of configuration files, to adopt the customer specific parameters that are set in the configuration file. We need the shell scripts the linux cron daemon or need to schedule the cron jobs for taking the configuration file backups.

3. How frequently we need to schedule the HANA Database backup?
According to resources available in the server, and According to business continuity with its most recent data without data loss ( more consistent data will be available if we schedule more frequently).
How many backup types are there in the SAP HANA DATABASE?
• Full backup
• Delta backup( these are two types)

Incremental backup

Differential backup.

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