How to Apply HANA Database License?

How to check SAP HANA Database license?
Requirement: You want to check SAP HANA Database license validity in SAP HANA system.
Prerequisite: We need database user with LICENSE ADMIN system privilege assigned.
Connect to the required system via HANA Studio
Open Administration perspective,  You can open it from Window > Open > Perspective > Administration Console
In Administration perspective ,open the context menu(shown below) and select “Properties”.
SAP HANA license Context menu
Now , select “License” in following screen and you will see the license and system information.
SAP HANA license and system information
Above information can also be retrieved by executing following query.
 SAP HANA license check by SQL
How to check if the installed HANA license is enforced or unenforced ?
Execute following query and if the “Enforced” column value is “False” then your license is not enforced.

SAP Note# 1644792 – License key/installation of SAP HANA platform edition

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