Oracle database Upgrade from to
Prerequisites and Precautionary actions before starting DB Upgrade:
1) Take a backup of the Oracle database: Online or Offline
2) Take a file system level backup of 102_64 Directory
Tar command or backup command or even cp (Recursive) is     recommended for oracle binary backup as it will back up the links and     Permissions of the binaries
     tar –cvf 102_64.tar ./oracle/<SID>/102_64
     cp –pR /oracle/<SID>/102_64 /backup  
3) Download the Oracle Patch Set from SAP Service Market place > Database Patches (from other vendors)
     Add the four BIN files to the download basket as shown below and download it

4) Copy the files to the DB Server (AIX) :
Ftp the downloaded files to Server where DB Instance runs:
Directory should have 10 GB Free space (check by du –g command)
Concatenate the four files using cat command
cd /oracle/Oraclepatchset
“cat Patchset_10204_AIX5Laa.bin

unzip    # this will create the Oracle Patch directory “Disk1”
Change the ownership of the directory to oracle user and dba group
“chown –R ora<sid>:dba Disk1”  as root user
4) Download Opatch tool and all the Opatch available from SAP SMP and copy thefiles to a directory in the DB Server and unzip the files using unzip command

Process for upgrading Oracle Patch Set
To upgrade the Oracle database from to, follow the process given below:

  1. 1. Pre-Upgrade tasks
  1. a. Shutdown the Oracle Database
  • Switch user as oracle user:  su – ora<sid>
  • Stop listener service : lsnrctl stop 
  • Shutdown Oracle database:

               sqlplus /”as sysdba”SQL> SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE

  1. b. Start the Database in Upgrade mode

sqlplus /”as sysdba”                SQL> STARTUP UPGRADE

  1. c. Run the Pre-Upgrade information tool
  • SQL> SPOOL upgrade_info.log
  • SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/utlu102i.sql
  • Out put of the Pre-upgrade information tool will look like this

IF it prompts to run catupgrd.sql run

  • SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/catupgrd.sql      

  • sqlplus /”as sysdba”
  1. 1. DB Upgrade to
  1. a. Set the environment variables for oracle user
  • Connect to DB Server using XManager
  • Switch user as oracle user:  su – ora<sid>
  • Make a temp directory for Oracle Patchset Installation

mkdir /oracle/<SID>/sapdata1/tmpdir               setenv DISPLAY IPAddress: 1.0               export DISPLAY=               setenv TMPDIR /oracle/<SID>/sapdata1/tmpdirexport TMPDIR=/oracle/GWQ/sapdata1/tmpdir/

  1. b. Start the Database Upgrade

Change the directory to the Oracle Patchset directory 
cd /oracle/Oraclepatchset/Disk1

  • Run the Oracle Universal Installer


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