Here i would like to explain how to add more server process ( Nodes ) in JAVA instance.

The installation procedure configures the optimal number of server processes in an instance based on the available hardware resources. This enables optimal utilization of the hardware resources and of the capacity of the ICM to handle multiple server processes.

If you need to add more server processes to an existing Java instance, you can do that manually using the Config Tool.

to do this, go to following location and open the configtool like below ;

/usr/sap/<SID>/J00/J2ee/configtool and execute the “configtool.bat” file

Adding Server Process (Node) to SAP JAVA Stack

Go to location ;

Cluster-data –> template –> Instance

Open the “Servers” tab from right side of the panel, now you can see the default value of the “Custom Number of Server Processes” value like below screen ;

Adding Server Process (Node) to SAP JAVA Stack

Now we can change the value like our example, we will increase the value from 1 to 2

Adding Server Node in JAVA Stack

Finally we can save the process then a restart needed information pop up will be come ;

Adding Server Node in JAVA Stack

After the restart process, our additional server process can be seen under the “Java Process Table”

Adding Server Process (Node) to SAP JAVA Stack


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