Monitor Data Staging in SAP BW

Frequency: Daily

Please evaluate the monitoring strategy for the production BW system. If there are reports or data

which need to be available at a certain agreed time, then the upload process for this data needs to be analyzed and it should be decided if it is necessary to monitor the jobs during the night or at the weekend.

Uploads and reports should be assigned a business priority status and then a monitoring strategy appropriate to the priority can be defined. E.g., high priority reports could be the daily Logistics report.

A priority period could be the period end closing.

When the monitoring is performed in the morning one hour before the query users start working, this strategy is cost effective and often sufficient for many uploads but may cause severe delays in data and report availability if priority uploads need to be restarted. In the case of failed extractions it can also mean that when the extraction processes is restarted in the morning it causes an extra load on the source system during online working hours.

A successful BW monitoring strategy requires close co-operation between both application and basis teams. In BW, in comparison to R/3, these two areas of expertise are more closely linked and the teams are interdependent. As BW uploads involve extractions in other systems, it is also necessary to ensure that communication and monitoring is as seamless as possible between the BW and source system teams.

If the monitoring will be performed by Basis individuals, then further training in BW will be necessary or vice-versa. Close co-operation could mean assigning priority to certain BW jobs and documentation which details the correct course of action and contact people if the job were to fail.

Automation methods include adding notification processes (available as standard) to critical Process Chains.

The following monitors and tools are important for Data Staging:

  • Process Chain Overview: For the application-side analysis of the processes executed via process chain you can use the Process Chain Overview (RSPC). Here you have an overview of the progress of your process chains and which processes are taking place at the moment. You see an overview about the process steps done so far for each process. From here, you can jump to more detailed monitors of single processes (Open Hub Monitor, Upload Monitor) or to the job log of the processes.
  • Open Hub Monitor: For problems with Open Hub Service and InfoSpokes you can use the Open Hub Monitor. Similar to the Upload Monitor the Open Hub Monitor shows the progress of each request and the single process steps.
  • Upload Monitor: To have an overview about all upload processes running on your BW system, you should use the Upload Monitor (RSMO). In the detail-monitor of each request (upload process) the progress of this upload and the single process steps are shown.
  • Changerun Monitor: For problems with change runs you can use the monitor for changeruns (transaction CHANGERUNMONI).

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