How to perform SPAM /SAINT update?
SAP recommends to update SPAM /SAINT to latest  version  before applying any Support packs or Add-on in SAP system
Please note :For  SPAM and SAINT update, you do not have to follow increment approach like other SAP ABAP components.
For example if your current SPAM/SAINT version is 7.00/0034 ,you can directly update this component to the latest . You do not have to apply version 35,36,37..and son on to reach to target level.
Following screen-cast will show you how to update your SPAM /SAINT .
1.To check the current Support Package manager version ,Log into SAP and execute transaction SPAM.
SAP SPAM Version before update
In the above screen you can see that our Support package manager version is 7.00/0034 .
2. Now we will go to SAP market place to check the latest  version of SPAM available for our release.Go to > Support Packages and Patches > Browse Our Download Catalog > Additional Components
2.1 Select SAP SPAM/SAINT Update  > Select appropriate version for your system.
In our example we are trying to update SPAM from version 7.00/0034 to latest available. So we will select SPAM/SAINT Update 700.
SAP Market Place download SPAM package
2.2 Now click on “Support Packages” and select the latest version.
SAP Download SPAM SAINT Update 2
Download the selected file and copy it to /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in , you can deploy this file without copying at OS level also,but its recommended to keep it at mentioned directory, so that it can be reused for all the systems that landscape.
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3. Go to transaction SPAM – client 000 (do not use DDIC) and go to Support Package > From Application Server > and press Yes.
4.This will upload the file from /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in and you will get below screen.
5.Now go to menu and select Support Package >import SPAM /Saint Update and press green check mark to start deploying the update.
SAP import SPAM SAINT update

Known Error : If SPAM updates through an error , go out and execute SPAM and execute step 5 again.

6.Once the update is finished , go out and execute SPAM again. Now you can see the new version deployed.
SPAM SAINT version after update

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